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Silver Star Medal (SSM)

By act of the US Congress on July 9th 1918, the Silver Star Medal was instituted as "Citation Star". The decoration then was not more than a small silver star that could be worn on the ribbon of any campaign decoration. The Congress decided in 1932 that a star could be awarded for actions dating back to the Spanish-American war in 1898. The decoration was then given a new name as Silver Star Medal and was newly designed. The original "Citation Star" was placed in the middle of the new design. The designer of the new Silver Star Medal was Rudolf Freund of "Bailey, Banks and Biddle".
On August 7th, 1942, the American Congress decided that the Silver Star Medal also could be given to civilians.
The decoration comes in the form of a gold coloured star, with in the central part a laurel wreath. In the middle of this one can find the smaller Silver Star from the "Citation Star". On the reverse, the medal bears the words "FOR GALLANTRY IN ACTION".
The first real Silver Star Medal was awarded to General Douglas Mac Arthur in August 1932. He received it with six times the Oak Leaves, which means he received the Silver Star Medal seven times at once.

The Ribbon is white and has two blue stripes near the sides and a red stripe over the middle.

The decoration could be awarded to a person who, while serving in any capacity with the US Army, is cited for gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force, or while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party. The required gallantry, while a lesser degree than that required for award of the Distinguished Service Cross, must nevertheless have been performed with marked distinction.

Only for the first time the Silver Star Medal is being awarded, the recipient really received the medal. Within the US Army and the US Army Air Force/US Air Force, a Bronze Oak Leave was received for every further Silver Star Medal. The Oak Leave was to be worn on the ribbon of the first Silver Star Medal. Within the US Navy, US Marines Corps and the US Coast Guard, a Golden Star was received.
For every fifth Bronze Oak Leave or Golden Star a Silver Oak Leave or Silver Star was received.

Abrams, Creighton Williams, Jr.* September 15th, 1914
† September 4th, 1974

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Aaron, Hubert L.   
Abate, Albert F.29-07-191501-12-2000more 
Abbott, Earl L. "Abby"08-01-191924-01-1945more 
Abernathy, William F. 'Spike'26-08-191805-12-1986 
Able, Johnnie J.   
Abraham, Edward G.   
Abrams, Creighton Williams, Jr.15-09-191404-09-1974more 
Abshire, James W.   
Adams, Albert J.   
Adams, Carlton R.06-04-1908 more 
Adams, Donald R.20-02-192020-09-1944more 
Adams, Henry T.   
Adams, Jonathan E., Jr. "Jock"08-09-191720-09-1984 
Adams, Joseph   
Adams, Kastian J.   
Adams, Mark L.   
Adams, Ronald F., Sr. 07-01-1945 
Adkins, Aaron C.   
Afflitto, Walter Frank "Flip"18-06-192022-08-1989 
Agna, Reginald A.24-12-191423-11-1944 
Agnes, John E.   
Ahearn, John Littleton30-11-191423-06-2004 
Ahmed, Ali Ben Chelli01-01-1919  
Ahola, Ero W.   
Aiello Jr., James J.   
Aiguier, ?   
Ainsworth, Ellen Gertrude09-03-191916-02-1944 
Ainsworth, Loyce F.   
Aitken, Robert Bruce   
Akers, George Edward05-05-192201-01-1945 
Akin, Spencer Bell13-02-188906-10-1973more 
Albert, Howard 23-12-1943 
Alcantar, Max L.14-12-192125-02-1945 
Alexander, John D.   
Alexander, Mark James23-01-191121-05-2004 
Alexander, Merrill S.   
Alexander, Richard D.   
Alioto, John02-05-191525-02-1945 
Alison, John Richardson (Johnny)21-11-191206-06-2011more 
Allen, Floyd C.   
Allen, Harold C.   
Allen, James R.   
Altman, Sidney Joseph (USMC)05-11-191720-06-1998 
Alvarez, Guillermo C.   
Ames, Godfrey Roland "Roly"04-05-191231-01-1945 
Amey, Herbert R., Jr. 20-11-1943 
Amira, Ralph00-00-1921  
Anderson, Clarence Franklin19-07-191810-10-1993 
Anderson, Harold R.   
Anderson, Harry R.   
Anderson, John S. 26-03-1945 
Anderson, Leroy H.   
Anderson, Maurice Milner18-09-192415-12-2007 
Anderson, Robert Philip "Bob"   
Anderson, Theodore S.   
Andrew, Arthur T.   
Andrew, Tom H.   
Andrews, Charles Herbert14-05-190807-12-1981more 
Andrieux, Jacques Marie Anne15-08-191721-01-2005 
Andzelik, John   
Angel, Norman B. (US Army)09-09-192330-09-1987 
Angell, David H.   
Anglade, Pierre21-11-192103-07-1946 
Angoud, Mohammed   
Annicchiarico, Joseph   
Antone, Albert M.   
Antone, Ferris J. 26-08-1942 
Apello, Joseph A.   
Arbogast, Edward P.   
Argo, Charles R.   
Arheit, Frederick J.   
Arizzoli, Jacques24-03-1922  
Armellino, John Ralph21-02-192117-09-2004 
Armentrout, George C.   
Armstrong, Edward C.   
Armstrong, Mason H.   
Arnold, Archibald Vincent "Archie"24-02-188904-01-1973 
Arnold, Arthur A.   
Arnold, William Howard18-01-190130-09-1976more 
Arrington, Charles D., Jr.   
Arrison, Robert L.   
Arter, Berman Lee (US Army)16-09-191910-10-1987 
Aschenbrenner, Clarence John "Bull"30-05-191819-03-1942 
Ashton, William E.   
Ashworth, Joe   
Asin, Carlos C.   
Askew, Clair F.05-02-191711-08-1944 
Asmussen, John, Jr.   
Aston, William L., Jr.   
Atchison, Mark Dorgan 00-00-1951 
Atherton, Roger L. 20-09-1944 
Atkins, Barry Kennedy02-08-191115-11-2005 
Atkinson, Jack S.   
Atkisson, Clarence M.   
Atwood, Dayton D.00-00-192225-12-1944 
Aubrey, Gordon K.   
Aubrey, Richard A.   
Auer, Conrad P.   
Austin, Bernard Lige15-12-1902  
Austin, James B.   
Auvil, Daniel M., Jr.   
Axline, Sherman Eugene20-07-192520-09-1944more 
Axsom, George H.29-10-192012-06-1984 
Ayers John E. 19-02-1944