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Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Aalderen, van, Dirk Albertus   
Acheson, Viscount, Archibald14-01-191117-02-1966 
Acland, Eric   
Acland, Peter Bevil Edward09-07-190200-00-1993more 
Adam, John Stronach "Jack"13-06-1908  
Adams, Albert Oliver   
Adams, Ronald George Hinings31-12-189628-03-1979 
Afanasyev, Ivan Ivanovich20-01-190108-09-1952 
Alekseyev, Konstantin Stepanovich24-09-191424-02-1971more 
Alexander, John Playfair   
Allan, Julian Phelps22-06-189231-01-1996 
Alms, James Hill 26-02-1947 
Ambler, Eric Clifford28-06-190922-10-1998 
Ambrus, Jan Rozkazom19-05-189921-01-1994more 
Anderson, Emily00-03-189100-10-1962 
Angerman, Kazimierz29-10-189829-05-1982more 
Aninga, Sytze30-01-189417-08-1974 
Anley, Reginald Charles   
Annis, Clare Levi22-01-1912  
Anson, George Frederick Vera22-11-189205-06-1969 
Antelme, Joseph Antoine France12-03-190012-09-1944 
Appleyard, Kenelm Charles25-03-188420-12-1967 
Archer, Bertram Stuart Trevelyan03-02-191502-05-2015more 
Archer, Ernest Leonard  more 
Archer, Harold Corbin00-00-189200-00-1949 
Ashford-Russell, Brian Harborough19-02-190704-02-2003 
Atcherley, Richard Llewellyn Roger12-01-190418-04-1970more 
Auchinleck, Claude John Eyre21-06-188423-03-1981more