Africa Star

The Africa Star was awarded for service in any operational area in North-Africa between June 10th 1940 (the day of Italy's entry into the war) and May 12th 1943 (the end of hostilities in North-Africa) or the Mediterranean. The badge is a six-pointed star with the Royal Cipher GRI-VI in the centre surmounted by a crown above the inscription: The Africa Star. The ribbon is 1.25" wide and coloured pale buff with a vertical broad scarlet stripe and a narrow stripe of dark blue to the left and one of light blue to the right of the central stripe; the buff representing the desert, the other colors the three armed services.
Bars were awarded to personnel of 8Th Army, 1st Army and for service in North-Africa 1942-1943; the emblems were the digit 8 for 8th Army from October 23rd 1942 to December 5th 1943 and the digit 1 for 1st Army from November 8th to December 31st 1942 or from January 1st to December 5th 1943. A silver rosette was worn by personnel of HQ 18th AG who were not eligible for the first two bars.

Grid List
Ardagh, Patrick Augustine* August 30th, 1891
April 6th, 1944
Plot: 8 Row: A Grave: 15

Armstrong, Donald Richard Neville* July 19th, 1907

Addison, Robert Ramsay* September 28th, 1909
April 29th, 1996

Anderson, Eric* September 15th, 1915
April 6th, 1943
Plot: II Row: C Grave: 14

Appleford, Joseph Ernest* January 11th, 1917

Anderson, John Thompson McKellar* January 12th, 1918
October 5th, 1943
Plot: VIII Row: A Grave: 44

Arthur, Wilfred Stanley* December 7th, 1919
December 23rd, 2000

Ashworth, Arthur* May 3rd, 1920
February 19th, 1994

Alexander, Robert Wilfred* August 20th, 1920
September 21st, 1944
Plot: 24 Row: C Grave: 1-3

Atkins, Eric Granville* March 19th, 1921

Adams, Andrew Alexander* June 5th, 1921
November 8th, 1993