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Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)

The Distinguished Flying Medal was instituted on 3 June 1918 and was awarded to non-commissioned-officers and men for an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty performed whilst flying in active operations against the enemy in the same conditions as the DFC for officers..
The medal is oval and silver-coloured, 1.375 inches wide and 1.625 inches long. On the obverse is the bareheaded coinage effigy of :

King George V, facing left and the legend : GEORGEIVS V BRITT: OMN: REX ET IND: IMP:
King George VI, facing left and the legend : GEORGEIVS VID: G: BR: OMN: REX F.D: IND: IMP:
On the reverse, within a wreath of laurel, Athena Nike is shown seated on an aeroplane, a hawk rising from her right hand above the words : FOR COURAGE.
The ribbon is 1.25 inches wide, and consists of alternate violet and white stripes (0,0625 inches) leaning 45 degrees to the left. Until 1919, the stripes were horizontal. The medal was engraved with the recipient's service number, rank, initials, surname and unit.

For subsequent acts meriting the DFM, a bar was awarded to be worn on the ribbon of the medal.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Aaron, Arthur Louis05-03-192214-08-1943 
Abbott, Ernest Ronald01-05-191303-05-1992 
Adamek, Mieczyslaw18-09-191818-05-1944more 
Addison, Robert Ramsay28-09-190929-04-1996 
Addison, William Nathan12-08-191900-10-1989 
Aitcheson, George Douglas   
Alexander, Edward Sudbury 14-01-1944 
Allard, Geoffrey20-08-191213-03-1941 
Allen, Douglas William00-00-1919  
Allen, John Henry17-06-192021-09-1995 
Allen, Roland William John   
Allin, Harvey Ross00-00-1922  
Allison, Sydney Roy   
Anderson, Hugh John00-00-1912  
Anderson, Leslie Lester00-03-1914  
Anderson, Murray Bouch00-00-1917  
Andrew, Solomon Joseph Harold00-00-1924  
Andrews, George Edward 09-11-1942 
Andrews, Harold Norman06-01-192002-09-2000 
Andrews, Sydney Ernest 09-08-1942 
Angus, John00-00-1919  
Annable, Harold Cecil05-01-191705-06-1983 
Anthony, Elmer Harold   
Appleton, George Edward16-08-192027-07-1941 
Armstrong, Arley Walter00-00-192126-10-2015 
Armstrong, Herbert Tuxis Berry00-00-1920  
Artymiuk, Kazimierz28-08-192013-03-1984more 
Ashton, John Norman Stephen00-00-1911  
Astley, Frank Charles   
Atkins, William James   
Austin, Stanley William   
Austin, Sydney 30-10-1941 
Ayles, Reginald Norman00-00-191900-00-1992