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British Army

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abel-Smith, Henry08-03-190024-01-1993 
Abramiuk, Dymitr20-02-192125-09-1944 
Acland, Peter Bevil Edward09-07-190200-00-1993 
Adair, Allan Henry Shafto, 6th Baronet03-11-189704-08-1988more 
Adair, James Douglas17-12-191805-06-2001 
Adamik, Gerard   
Adie, Charles George   
Ahmed, Siddiq   
Akimow, Pawel Mironowicz27-12-189714-12-1972 
Alderson, John 08-04-1945 
Alexander, Harold Rupert Leofric George "Alex"10-12-189116-06-1969more 
Allard, Jean Victor12-06-191323-04-1996more 
Allen, Frederick Fernley Edmund12-12-191229-06-2005 
Allinson, Thomas Dixon   
Anders, Wladyslaw Albert11-08-189212-05-1970more 
Anders-Jarosewycz, Irena Renata12-05-192029-11-2010 
Anderson, Eric15-09-191506-04-1943 
Anderson, Jim 07-02-2019 
Anderson, John D'Arcy23-09-190816-04-1988 
Anderson, John Thompson McKellar "Jock"12-01-191805-10-1943 
Anderson, Kenneth Arthur Noel "Sunshine"25-12-189129-04-1959 
Andrews, Wallace Launcelot13-03-190830-07-1944 
Andrzejewski, Edmund   
Andrzejewski, Tadeusz   
Angerman, Kazimierz29-10-189829-05-1982 
Aniol, Boleslaw26-02-191925-09-1944 
Annand, Richard Wallace05-11-191424-12-2004 
Ansari, Matreen Ahmed 29-10-1943 
Antonowicz Andrault de Buy, Graf, Mikolaj15-01-191503-04-2000more 
Applewhite, Robert M.   
Arbuthnot, Myles Henry 16-10-1943 
Arbuthnott, Robert Keith, 15th Viscount21-08-189715-12-1966more 
Archer, Bertram Stuart Trevelyan03-02-191502-05-2015more 
Armstrong, Harrison   
Ashraf, Mohammad   
Ashton, Frank25-12-1920  
Aston, Frederick Cuthbert12-09-191900-03-2003 
Atkins, Eric 20-12-1947 
Atwood, Douglas G.   
Ayling, Edward George