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Good Conduct Medal - Army

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Wagner, George A.   
Waldron, Jethro29-06-192515-10-2005 
Wallace, James Earl   
Walsh, John, J.12-08-1916  
Walske, Robert F. "Bob"17-08-192221-12-2007 
Ward, Glenn H.08-04-192030-01-1945 
Ward, Harold Richard22-06-1917  
Warnecke, Adolph Frank "Bud"19-10-192123-09-2007 
Watson, George00-00-191508-03-1943 
Watson, Henton09-06-1926 more 
Webb, Paul E. 08-01-1994 
Webster, David Kenyon02-06-192209-09-1961more 
Weed, William F.13-02-1925 more 
Wells, Marvin   
Wetherholt, John   
Wharton, Ulysses   
Whitcomb, Wilbur Bradley   
White, Robert B.26-03-192619-03-2006more 
Whitman, Franklin George Sr.00-00-192000-00-2012 
Whittington, Hulon Brocke "Rocky"09-07-192117-01-1969more 
Wilkins, Charles B. "Chuck"   
Wilkinson, Clarence Edward 00-00-1983more 
Williams, Nathanel David Ray26-11-191524-10-1967more 
Williams, Willard F.  more 
Winger, Paul H. 03-07-1944 
Winkler, John H.29-12-1921 more 
Winters, Richard Dick21-01-191802-01-2011more 
Wiseman, James G.   
Witkowsky, Edmund   
Witter, Johnnie A.02-01-1922  
Wolf, Frank M.10-08-192330-01-2012 
Wood, Donald J. 07-06-1944 
Wood, Jimmie J.10-06-192507-10-1987more 
Wulkan, Bernard Dov Bar Ner00-00-192308-09-2016 
Wynn, John P. "Jack"00-00-1914