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Good Conduct Medal - Army

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Hagany, John J.07-06-192117-06-1981more 
Hajiro, Barney Fushimi16-09-191621-01-2011more 
Hall, Lacy Loice11-01-191804-05-2014 
Hanlen, Paul M.30-06-191930-11-2013 
Hansen, Fred Milton 17-11-2012 
Hanyzewski, John Edward18-07-191809-02-1962 
Harrelson, Walter W. 23-06-1944 
Haskett, Paul A. "Hack"04-07-192231-05-2004 
Hatton, William J.31-05-191700-04-1943 
Hayashi, Joe J.14-08-192022-04-1945more 
Hayes, John Paul19-06-1925 more 
Heffron, Edward James "Babe"16-05-192301-12-2013more 
Helegda, James A.08-03-1921 more 
Hellwig, Raymond B.02-05-1918  
Helton, Delbert A.20-06-192204-07-1944 
Henderson, Roy J.19-03-192014-02-1945 
Henning, Lloyd L. "Preacher"   
Hernandez, Frank R. 31-10-1998 
High, Kenneth E.   
Hill, Owen B. "O.B."08-10-192110-06-2002 
Hix, Robert09-02-1923  
Holmes, George28-04-1921  
Hord, Shelby Robert26-04-192411-11-2013more 
Horwath, Louis F.21-08-191711-01-2014 
Howard, James B. 31-10-2010 
Howard, James Brandt17-12-1916 more 
Huddleston, Arthur B.  more 
Huling, Arthur M.31-05-1921 more 
Hummel, Raymond J. 14-11-2001 
Hurst, Gorge Owen05-12-1922 more 
Hutcheson, Ward S. 30-12-1991 
Hutchison, Miles   
Huter, Robert W.17-09-191209-08-1947 
Huttner, Arnold 29-12-2018 
Hutto, James C. "Buck"31-01-192306-12-1993