First phase of Operation Overlord, Normandy, Juneth, 1944 and covers the enbarkation of troops in Great Britain, the transport across the Channel, protected by the navy and the fights for the landing beaches.

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Becton, Frederick Julian* May 15th, 1908
December 24th, 1995
Plot: 35 Grave: 5249

Burk, Charles Arthur "Bones"* September 17th, 1916
June 6th, 1997

Cook, Harvey James* April 2nd, 1918
November 25th, 2003

Dennis, Stratford Hercules* November 11th, 1899

Dunbar-Nasmith, Martin Eric* April 1st, 1883
June 29th, 1965

Elder, Ned S. July 11th, 1944

Funk, Leonard A. Jr.* August 27th, 1916
November 20th, 1992

Gale, Richard Nelson "Windy"* July 25th, 1896
July 29th, 1982

Gregory-Smith, William Frank Niemann* January 24th, 1910
May 4th, 2009

Ingram, Hugh M. June 6th, 1944

Kajack, Joseph J.* April 29th, 1922
June 6th, 1944

Kozub, Paul (sr.)* October 22nd, 1923
November 17th, 2012

McDaniel, Vernon C.* March 24th, 1922
June 6th, 1944

Oliver, Geoffrey Nigel* January 22nd, 1898
May 26th, 1980

Outerson, William* December 29th, 1909

Roseveare, John Couch Adams "Tim"* February 16th, 1914

Rudder, James Earl* May 6th, 1910
March 23rd, 1970

Ryder, Robert Edward Dudley* February 16th, 1908
June 29th, 1986

Salomon, Sidney A. "Sid"* 1913
January 21st, 2014

Simeone, Archie* October 14th, 1918
July 29th, 2013

Slater, Harold K. "The Duke"* 1919
April 5th, 2011

Stark, Harold Raynsford "Betty"* November 12th, 1880
August 21st, 1972
Plot: 30 Row: LH Grave: 433

Talbot, Arthur George* March 31st, 1892
October 15th, 1960

Weyland, Otto Paul "Opie"* January 27th, 1903
September 2nd, 1979
Plot: 9 Row: 6M Grave: 5

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